"Don´t but new, Don´t feed the monster"

1. the grandma

The grandmothers of the driving force behind this business
venture, Avelina and Lina are the ones responsible for its accomplished
corporate profile. It was Avelina who inspired the young businessman’s love for
fashion. He provided ideas for alterations to be made to garments and she
carried these out achieving new products in line with current trends.

2. the dreamer

On seeing that these garments were very well received by his
friends and acquaintances, he decided to make this more than just a way to
dress differently from the rest who could only access the multinational offers
in the high street of any city.

In this way the company dovetails the above with a change in the focus and development as its goal is the originality and variation of its garments. Basic principles are a collaborative economy and business ethics both in the support of local economies as in the cooperation with small businesses in this sector.

3. the answer

We present ourselves as an independent and innovative business of “unique and vintage” clothing. Embodying a “fashionista” vision equal to the competition. Everything is based on logistics and a strict control of prices in order to offer the best service to our clients.

ceo - founder

sergio pérez